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Dancing On Ice Betting: Current Status of the Show

Dancing On Ice is officially back on our screens and fans everywhere are excited to see who are the favorites for the win and simply enjoy the show. There are dozens of amazing dancers and they all have a chance of winning, but betting experts have different predictions. Even though they are all amazing, the odds and who is the favorite of the season are telling another story. 

Faye Brookes

Faye Brookes is a long-time red-hot favorite and she is still one to beat. Unsurprisingly, she is the favorite for this season as well. However, she was backed into as short as 1/3 in the last show and had a score of 34.5 which wasn’t enough for her to be at the top with Colin Jackson and Sonny Jay, who shared the top with the score of 37.5. This lowered the odds of the Coronation Street star which made her backers surprised, but she is still in the betting given her constant and strong performances. She still remains the one to beat and is still a favorite. 

Sonny Jay

Sonny Jay and his partner Angela did top the scoring in the last show, but they have shortened significantly in the betting. The pair are 11/4 coming into 12/5 after their super skate and are certainly putting pressure on Faye with their rousing routine. But, Sonny Jay is still to be followed and watched closely. Even though he topped the scoring for the last two shows, we never know if that winning streak will continue. 

Colin Jackson

Colin Jackson has managed to overcome any obstacle that came his way in this season of Dancing on Ice so far. He has constantly scored average-to-high scores and now he is within the outside shot of the winner’s circle and trophy. Jackson is a former athlete and is a 10/1 chance, but his last 37.5 score will send him hopping to his next skate and he is certainly excited, this may even increase the odds of him winning. Colin Jackson has shown a lot of progress in this show, just like any other dancer in the competition, and it seems to be living outside chance of claiming the first prize. 

Lady Leshurr

Lady Leshurr is currently at 16/1 and punters can take a chance on her winning. However, in the last show, she ended up on the bottom of the leaderboard, even though that was her highest score in the entire series. But, since she has posted her personal best and still ended up last, viewers can’t but question themselves if she has reached her limit in the competition.

How to Bet On Dancing On Ice

Just like in any other contest, you can bet on the results of this show. You can easily do that by visiting your favorite bookmaker and look at the available odds, which are constantly updated so customers can place their bets. 

However, last year, the betting odds for Dancing On Ice were varied, and many contestants were rising and falling as favorites, and who’s to say that can’t happen this season, too. And the safest option to win some money by betting on Dancing On Ice is to place bets later in the season since that’s when the most lucrative bets come. The performance gaps then widen and the odds become more pronounced as a result. 

So, even though Faye Brooks is the long-term favorite, just like now, it still may be too early in the show to say who’s to win. But you can stay tuned both with the show and odds and place your bets on your favorites. 


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