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Top 5 Slots Based On TV Boxsets

You know that cold, panicked feeling you get when you’ve finished watching a truly great TV box set? That creeping realization that it’s all gone, there are no more fresh episodes, and you’ve said goodbye to your favorite characters - possibly forever? What are you supposed to do with all your free time now? It’s the worst feeling in the world!

We all get even more involved with boxsets than we do with movies. Who among us hasn’t spent a lazy weekend watching 30 back to back episodes of something wonderful? By the time you’re that far into it, the main characters feel like your best friends. Leaving them isn’t an easy thing to do! Fortunately, many of them live on in a number of forms, including online slot games. And you can come and play with them on reputable online slots websites like Rose Slots any time you like.

Here’s our ranking of the top 5 slots based on TV Box sets.

1. Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

”Game of Thrones” is a big deal. Actually, that’s not doing it justice, it’s a BIG DEAL. The show is nothing short of a pop culture phenomenon, becoming so well known that even high end fashion magazines need to cover it to keep their readers interested. Speculation about the fate of everyone’s favorite characters in the forthcoming final season is at permanent fever pitch on the internet. So expectations of quality for anything tied into the show are huge. Fortunately, the online slot game doesn’t disappoint. Playable as either a 15 Line or 243 Way game, the title features adjustable minimum bets to satisfy gamblers who prefer high or low risks, and the bonus features can take you everywhere Westeros has to offer. There are specific bonus features for House Lannister, House Stark, House Targaryen and all the rest, as well as appearances from all your favorite characters. Seize the Iron Throne if you dare, beware of the contents of dragon eggs….and, of course, be very wary of what lies beyond the wall.

2. 24 Slot Game

Tick tock, tick tock. Time is not on your side when you’re playing 24. But then it never really is for Jack Bauer, is it? He’s right here, front and central to the game, and as you’re making progress he’ll check in with you to drop advice and reel off some of his famous quotes. There’s such a high action content in the game that you sometimes forget you’re actually gambling, as you focus on shooting terrorists! The game is generous with its winning potential, for example scatter symbols don’t depend on the position of the game reels. If three of them turn up at any time, you’re a winner no matter what else is going on. Just keep an eye on that countdown in the top right hand corner. It could lead you either to a high octane bonus round, or the dreaded game over.

3. Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica

If you’re going to base an online slot on one of the most popular sci fi franchises in recent memory, you better make sure you get the look and the feel of it right. Only something with visual effects and sounds that belong in the future world of the TV show would be acceptable, and fortunately the creators of this game have nailed it. In fact it looks so great that the game is equally popular with people who’ve never watched a single episode of the TV show! “Battlestar Galactica” can be adjusted to suit you. The minimum stake in the game can be dropped as low as 0.01, so if you’re not a big stakes player, or just want to play for fun, the option is right there for you. All the standard features you’d expect of a good online slot are present, but it throws in Ion Storm and Fight Mode bonus features to reward people who’ve come looking for an authentic link to the series. On top of that, it offers an impressive 243 ways to win!

4. The Walking Dead
Walking Dead

If you’ve never heard of “The Walking Dead”, firstly, come out from underneath that rock. Secondly, it’s a zombie-packed survivalist ratings sensation. Set in a post apocalyptic world, it focuses in the efforts of one sheriff’s deputy as he leads a band of survivors and tries to keep them safe out in the wilderness - often with little success. The show is known for its gore, its high body count, and its relentless sense of terror and dread. And if you think that makes it a poor contender for an online slot tie in you’d be very badly wrong. The game is a full on, cinematic experience. Special scenes from the show play out right in front of you, and zombies spring forth from the sidelines, staggering ominously across your screen as you try to keep your mind on the game. The maximum prize draws a lot of the headlines for potential players - if you’re able to master the progressive jackpot, your prize is $500,000. That’s a half a million dollars. Obviously, the odds are a long way from being in your favor - just as they are for the characters in the show - but the opportunity is there!


5. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

For a time, before “Game of Thrones” got really big, “Breaking Bad” was widely accepted as one of the greatest TV shows ever. It’s still pretty high on a lot of people’s lists. Don’t just take our word for it - Rolling Stone were pretty insistent about the matter. What that says about the times we live in, we’re not sure. If you told someone who’d never heard of it that the main character was a teacher with terminal cancer, who starts manufacturing and selling drugs, and gets involved in shootouts with the cartel, they’d probably assume that he was the bad guy. Walter White is definitely the anti-hero of the modern era. So what does the online slot game that ties into the show have to offer? Plenty of entertainment. There’s a lot of video content from the show hidden away inside the game, and the character’s faces are on the reels. You’ll definitely never forget which title you’re playing! It doesn’t come with as many features and bonuses as some of the other titles on this list does, but it manages to be truly unique. There are various chemical elements on the reels, and if you combine them to make something solid, you win. You might even learn a little about science as you go along! Just don’t start cooking things up in your own RV. It won’t end well.

Are there other TV tie-in online slots out there? Of course there are, but we like to bring you quality, and these are the top 5 in our book. We’ve chosen them because they really bring the world of the shows to life, and give you a shot at banking a little money at the same time. Go forth and have fun. And remember - always gamble responsibly!


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