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Why are vinyl records popular again?

Vinyl had its resurgence almost a decade ago and everybody thought it was just a glitch in the system, a fad that would just go away. But alas, it’s 2021 yet vinyl is still here and it’s even stronger than ever. It surpassed CD sales last year which means to say that it might be here for a long time. When you check on Instagram for #vinylrecords, you’d be delighted by the many beautiful vinyl records shared by thousands of vinyl freaks from all over the world. There are so many vinyl record addicts and they’re not just composed of your antique-loving hippie uncles, there are so many young ones playing music in their pretty vinyl record players.

So what’s happening here? Why are vinyl records a thing again?
If you’re into anything vinyl, check out this blog that posts on the latest vinyl record pressing news and services popular in LA area.

Until then, here are our top three guesses:

#1. The internet made us miss vinyl

When we’re lounging in our living room and we want to listen to music, most folks just turn on their Smart TVs and go straight to Youtube. After all, you also want to watch the music videos, right? And why not? Your speakers are awesome. If you’re walking or out buying groceries, you just go to Spotify and put on your wireless earbuds. This easy way of consuming music has made our lives easier. We’ve listened to thousands of songs thanks to the internet. But sometimes...we just want to experience music in a special way. That’s when we start wanting to play music on vinyl. Nothing is easy when you play vinyl. You have to look for the titles on the shelf, not a few clicks on your phone. You have to take the vinyl out of its sleeve and carefully place it on the player. And if you want to skip music? Forget it. You gotta respect the vinyl, baby. You gotta slow down and truly listen...and not while you’re doing your groceries. It’s like meditation. You have no choice but to be close to the music and really take in all it has to offer. You have to experience it without you thinking “should I skip now?” or “I might as well get my mail downstairs while listening to this.” No siree, you have to sit down and experience the music like it’s something very precious.

#2. Vinyl records of today are collection-worthy and Instagrammable

Have you seen vinyl records by musicians today? Man, they’re not the usual black stuff our parents used to own! They look crazy cool. Some have splatter design, some have glitters, some look like they’re made of metal. There’s even one vinyl record that contains the blood of some artists. How crazy is that! A little too crazy alright but you can bet these kinds of things catch any music lover’s attention. If you buy the album with the hair of your favorite artist-- Britney Spears, for example-- you can bet your bottom dollar that it will increase in value over the years. Spotify, CDs...they are cool but their value doesn’t go up as much as special edition vinyl records. There is really just something about vinyl that makes it Insta-special.

Speaking of Insta...who shares photos of what they’re listening to on Spotify or Youtube or even CDs anymore? Not even Terry or Karen! But vinyl? Even if the music is meh if the vinyl looks pretty enough, people would want to share them. Why? Because vinyl is cool. If I share a video of my Limited Edition Talking Heads vinyl record, you know what I really want to say? I want to say that I am cooler than the rest of you because not only am I a Talking Heads fan, I am a Talking Heads superfan who loves vinyl. Double cool points. I won’t blame you because heck, I would. I want my friends and followers to know I am no regular music listener, I am a music aficionado. Plus, come on...vinyl just looks pretty!

#3. Vinyl record pressing is much easier today

Communication before was much slower compared to today that it really affects everything in the vinyl album pressing process. Now? Everything is sooooo easy. If you’re a musician, you should consider having some records pressed because quality record pressing is within your reach these days. Just type on Google, et voila! The only challenge is that there aren’t so many vinyl pressing companies and they are always swamped with orders. But the good news is that many of these plants will press as few as 100 units and would even ship them directly to your customers. You get to experience the old format of listening to music but with much convenience both experienced by the customers and the music makers. Seriously, what a wonderful time to be alive.

Yes, vinyl is here to stay. It has just made it clear to all of us that even during the digital age, when it comes to music experience, nothing beats the good ole vinyl record.


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