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What are TV slots?

Ever since the traditional games on consoles have emerged, TV-inspired games have always had a special place in our hearts. As the variety of TV shows grew with each year, we have also had a chance to see a progressive increase in the variety of online slots. Many people who love TV shows also happen to love TV slots and placing a few bets on them, so let us see what this is all about.

What Are TV Slots?

TV slots are what they sound like - online slot machines based on popular TV shows and programs, and those are in fact reality shows. These are some of the most frequently played casino games in the entire industry. However, branded games require a bit more time and money to design and broadcast than usual, but the game studios are still prepared to put in hard effort and money in order to release those branded TV slots.

And due to their effort today we can enjoy various slots based on some of the most iconic television shows, including The X Files, Sherlock, Little Britain, and even the more recent ones, such as the Netflix series Narcos. Basically, whatever show you like, there is probably a slot for it and you can place your bets and enjoy the show. 

Why Play TV Slot Machine Games?

The major reason why people play TV slots is because they are based on their favorite TV shows and they are simply fun. But, if you still need a bit more convincing in order to play, here are some good reasons for why they are worth a spin:

  • TV slots come in a wide variety of different slot themes. There are so many of them, from film to animations to reality shows, and there is certainly a slot for every player.

  • TV slot machines feature multiple characters and some exciting bonus features that are linked to the specific shows they are based on, and those are worth taking advantage of.

  • Usually, TV slots have amazing designs and stunning visuals. They often add video content, too in order to spruce up the reels and that makes them fun and exciting to play.

  • Another great reason to play TV slots is that they often tend to appear in a series of games which makes you able to play your favorite games with much-improved gameplay.

  • Last but not least, most of the newer slots that are based on TV shows are optimized for mobile phones. So, you can enjoy playing them on the go. Plus, many developers will also release an updated mobile version for your convenience.

Top-Rated TV Slots 2021

There are dozens of TV slots available and it is often hard to find which one to play. But, luckily, there are some top-rated ones that everyone can enjoy, and here is the list:

  • Game of Thrones - it has two modes (15 pay lines or 243 ways to win mechanics). They also have free spins with win multipliers and stacked symbols for more wins. 

  • Family Guy - it has a fun gameplay and has characters from the show. Also, they have unique bonus features that include extra wilds, free spins and family member features and all of them have great awards.

  • Vikings - this TV slot has an appealing cinematic Norse backdrop, big wins and 243 ways to increase your wins to 78,125 Megaways during the free spins, mystery symbols, and expanding reels.

  • Jurassic Park - this one has 243 ways to win mechanics. Also, they offer random wild reels, which can be split into two; respins, 35 extra wilds during the T-rex feature and high RTP.

  • Conan - this game offers to pay both ways, 3 free spins modes with great awards and volatility. There are also extra mystery symbols added in the Thoth-Amon feature.

  • Narcos - Narcos TV slot has a dynamic gameplay, 243 pay lines, 10 free spins, walking wilds with extra wilds, and instant cash rewards. 

  • Battlestar Galactica - this slot has three modes in gameplay and many exciting bonus features. Also, the Ion Storm feature offers to turn reels wild, and on top of that, the free spins round comes with 3x multipliers.

As you can TV spins come in a range of varieties and they are all fun to play. So, choose your favorite and good luck!


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