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ec comics#8 July 30, 1978

I asked Wally Wood about his phenomenal work at EC, but Wood was disapointed that most fans were focused on his past work, he felt like he was doing his best work in the present.
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Wally Wood letterDear John;

I"VE GOT NEWS FOR YOU . . . EC IS DEAD . . . and here it is twenty years later . . and people are still interested enough to have EC panels, and EC cons . .
It was good seeing the old ghosts materialize again . .
And after all, why not? They were the last good comics done. (and maybe the first . .) Harvey Kurtzman was there, and Bernie Krigstein . . Al Williamson was supposed to show up (but didn't). I got an unexpected laugh when I was telling about how we worked . . I used to tell them the kind of story I'd like to draw, and everything I wanted to get in it, Al (Feldstein) would write it down . . and then give it to Williamson! Harvey was in rare form, and you know, that guy can be FUNNY when he wants to . . Krigstein made a rare appearance, and dazzled everybody with his erudite comments.
He's an ART TEACHER now, and has a perspective and
vocabulary you wouldn't believe. . (I agreed with him as
much as possible, to cover up the fact that I didn't understand half the stuff he was saying.)

Anyway, then I went to Hartford to another comic con, and it was the opposite. Apparently, nobody there knew who I was, and I sat there at my table for five hours or so (and didn't sell ANYTHING) and then was on what has to be the dumbest panel in history . . There were 12 of us on the same podium, sharing one mike (first time the panel ever outnumbered the audience). And the audience asked questions like "How long does it take you to draw a page?"



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