Using Virtual payments

Social networking and online growth has sparked a revolution when it comes to the use of virtual payments. The growth of virtual payments is starting to soar as more Americans use the payment option to add features to games, play games without paying real cash and otherwise add to their online experiences. Understanding how the market for virtual currency is growing will make it easier to make decisions about investment opportunities.

Growth in Virtual Currency

Companies that relate to virtual currency, such as SponsorPay, are seeing amazing growth within a short period of time. According to Billy Gallagher on, SponsorPay has seen an increase of 300 percent in two quarters. The growth of the company signifies the growth of virtual currency and payment solutions.

Gallagher points out that the increase in visitors and growth relates to the improvements to the core products the company works on, which are primarily for the Android platform. As the company puts a larger emphasis of improvement on the products, consumers are noticing the features and are becoming more interested in the available options.

Bitcoin Growth

The SponsorPay services are not the only virtual currency options showing amazing growth. According to, Bitcoin saw a growth of 40 percent in a one-month period. Consumers use the service for virtual payments and then transfer the coins to other online virtual currencies that translate into real money later. The growth of this industry suggests that end users are interested in using virtual currency for a wide range of features, such as buying Linden Dollars for the popular Second Life site.

Surge in Social Games

According to, part of the revolution for improved growth in virtual funds comes from the increased enjoyment of social gaming. points out that as many as 41 percent of Americans play social games, resulting in more usage of online currency solutions to gain better features and improved gameplay options.

Social gaming has traditionally used online currency or game points to provide improved features, new levels or other specials that make it an interesting solution. As more Americans enjoy social games, the growth of online currencies will continue.

Gambling Online and New Applications of Virtual Currency

While social games have traditionally used virtual cash or points to purchase certain features or open new options in the game, online casino games like Bingo Royale have used real cash. The changing climate of using virtual currency for online games is starting to change the way online gambling works as well.

Online casinos are starting to provide options for those who prefer to use virtual currency while enjoying Internet games. The use of virtual cash is more anonymous than real cash, which is part of the draw to consumers who are looking for ways to protect their personal identity.

When games like JackpotJoy Bingo allow more players to use virtual currency or game point options to play, it is likely more Americans will enjoy the experience of playing their favorite casino games from home.Virtual payments are easier for the consumers who want to play online social games or gambling games without using a personal credit card or similar method of payment.

Virtual payments are growing in popularity as Americans opt to use points or game currency to obtain new features. As more Americans enjoy online gaming options, such as gambling or social games, the popularity of virtual payments is likely to increase. Virtual funding options are the future for Americans who enjoy online game play.

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