Why should I have to pay at all?

Because it's worth it! It's about what you'd pay for a movie or a paperback - but TVparty is the equivalent of a 2,000 page book - with 40 hours of rare media clips thrown in. Almost all of it unavailable anywhere else!

I think it's worth it even if you can't play the videos. My attitude is, if it's not worth $5.00 to you, then it's worthless to you.

What you're literally paying for is bandwidth. Our ISP charges us by the meg to pump this stuff out to you - the average TVparty user consumes hundreds of megs of bandwidth in a session.

Why are you charging for content
on TVparty that used to be free?

A few months ago I had a choice. Bandwidth charges from 200,000 people a month accessing TVparty were devastating! I had to cut the bandwidth, so I started a free TVparty site with a dozen or so features and offered access to the TVparty archives for a small fee.

It was either that, or erase it from the net. If I wasn't charging for it, it wouldn't be there at all.

I would really like to offer universal free access to all of the material, but the costs associated with that have grown tremendously. One day we'll all talk about the good old days of the Internet when everything was free!

You should know that your contribution keeps TVparty alive and it is very much appreciated. So are your comments and suggestions for future articles. I look at this site like a party, with lots of contributions from talented people who want to entertain and inform you.

It never bothered me to pay a cover charge if the club was cool. And you can come back to TVparty for the next two months free. Who gives you a deal like that?

Try going to the movie theater and saying, "I paid to see this movie last night and I want to see it again tonight at no charge. After all, I already paid for the content."


There are more than 500 features with over 40 hours of video and audio clips (in Real Player format) on TVparty PLUS!

I'm still not convinced but
you haven't TOTALLY lost me!

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