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Prompts for Your Research Paper: How Does Marketing Promote Impulse Purchases?

Impulse purchases are unplanned purchases that customers make on the spur of a moment. For sellers, these buys are a vital source of revenue: for example, an April 2020 research study by Slickdeals revealed that an average US customer spent nearly $183 each month on instant purchases.

The figure might look disappointing to that average customer – yet it certainly warms the hearts of marketing specialists who work hard to promote such impulse buys. But how exactly do they do it? This subject lays the futile ground for academic research.

So, if you are a marketing student, there’s a high chance you’ll be assigned a research paper on how marketing promotes impulse purchases at some point. If you’re also a working specialist, you can choose to order an essay on EssayHub to save time. But if academic duties are your priority, you’ll choose to write your paper from scratch.

To make the task easier for you, we’ve put together this list of writing prompts you can use when researching the subject and formulating the topic. 

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Formulating the Topic: General Tips

Before you start working on the contents of your paper, it’s vital that you formulate the topic properly in case it hasn’t already been done for you by the instructor.

Here are some general tips that will help you nail this task.

1. Define your areas of interest.

You’ll enjoy working on your paper much more if you choose something you’re genuinely interested in. Besides, it can help you define the vector of your future professional and academic work.

1. Do preliminary research.

Make sure there are enough sources on the chosen topic so that you could provide sufficient evidence. At the same time, try to avoid over-researched topics as there’s little chance you would be able to add any value to them. In case you lack time for research, you can check NoCramming.com and pick out the service you deem the best. That way, you can save some time for writing.

1. Narrow down (or broaden) your topic.

Too broad topics can be difficult to cover in one paper. On the contrary, topics that are too narrow won’t provide you with enough material to produce the required word count.

With this in mind, let’s move on to our writing prompts.

Writing Prompts: How Does Marketing Promote Impulse Purchases?

Here are a few burning issues within the subject that you can focus your research on. Use the ideas and information presented below as a starting point, and elaborate.

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Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/Hcfwew744z4  

Social Media

Social media is one of the most widely used marketing tools in the modern world. With almost four billion social network users worldwide, it helps sellers leverage the power of digital word of mouth, laser-targeted ads, UGC, and more. Moreover, the addictive nature of social media makes it a perfect tool for promoting instant buys.

Yet, social media is itself a broad term as there are so many social networks nowadays. Thus, you can choose to focus specifically on any of these networks – for instance, Instagram or YouTube.
It may also be worthwhile to concentrate on just one generational cohort, gender, or age group to further define your area of research.

Alternatively, you can choose a specific timeframe or phenomenon – for example, the COVID-19 pandemic – and analyze the ways marketers use it to promote instant buys through social media. 

Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrities can have enormous power over their fans, and brands have long used this as a means to drive sales by inviting celebrities to star in their ad campaigns. This is mostly typical for beauty brands, but other companies often use this tactic as well. 

As a researcher, you can explore the mechanisms that trigger instant buys when a celebrity image is used to endorse a product. For example, think of how billboard ads prompt shopping mall visitors to drop into a beauty boutique they hadn’t planned on visiting: chances are, they’ll leave the corner with another trifle they don’t really need!
Similarly, celebrities encourage instant buys on social media: for their fans, their praise is the best recommendation. Additionally, you can tap into product placement in movies and TV shows.

However, be careful with this topic as it is already widely researched. Before getting down to work, choose a new angle and create a unique title to avoid plagiarism.


Pricing plays a crucial role in luring consumers into impulse buying. When the price is high, it’s much harder for the consumer to buy a product ‘here and now’. Cheaper products, on the contrary, can be bought without any serious consideration.

Statistical figures easily confirm this claim, so it may seem there’s no room left for original research here. However, there are a lot of aspects within the topic that you can focus on.

For example, what pricing techniques work best of all? Are there any particularly efficient combinations of pricing with other techniques used to promote impulse purchases (like placement or physical stimuli)? How do gender, age, and status correlate with the effect pricing techniques produce? And so on, and so forth. 

Psychological Triggers

This topic provides a wealth of research possibilities as the psychological triggers used for marketing purposes are galore. Moreover, the very existence of these triggers is precisely what allows marketers to entice customers into making a purchase on a whim.
These triggers include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Low self-esteem
2. Bad mood and depression
3. Susceptibility to other people’s opinions
4. The desire to be loved and admired
5. The wish to be accepted by members of a group
6. Child trauma

The list can go on, so there are a lot of triggers and trigger combinations to focus on. The topic is also ideal for those students who want to conduct original research. If you are one, pick your focus group members carefully and treat them kindly! 

Next Steps

Hopefully, the writing prompts listed above will help you define your unique topic and get your thoughts flowing in the right direction. However, you can also brainstorm your own ideas and shape them into a topic using the tips provided in this article. Just remember that inspiration is everywhere – yet beware of plagiarism above all!

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