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9 Ways to Combat Short Attention Span for Students

The era of digitalization has changed the ways we perceive information and react to new facts. Thus, many modern problems often come unnoticed and unsolved. It is especially true if we talk about overloading the brain with an excessive amount of data. 

Nowadays, the educational process is rather a short glance at the material than its detailed analysis. We tend to believe we possess impeccable knowledge, ending up knowing nothing. Students are the most potent example of people whose life is so busy that many daily tasks are performed in automatic mode. Still, focusing attention is one of the most important prerequisites for successful work and study. 

How many times have you faced the need to go to school or university after a loud yesterday's party or playing video games all night long? Was it easy to pull yourself together and remember every teacher’s word? Perhaps not. Of course, in case you do not understand anything in the subject, it is recommended to use any professional help website. For example, an expert platform, an essay title generator, or a proofreading service. But first, make sure to delve into the following pieces of advice to improve concentration on your own.


How to Develop Attention

Remember that you are able to become more concentrated and attentive. It is not an innate skill or a gift of heaven. There are several practices both conventional and modern that contribute to stress relief and the development of self-control. Such methods also significantly improve the ability to concentrate.

Try to incorporate these techniques in your daily life:

  1. Rebooting

It is about the concept of meditation. Even though some people consider the process of meditation to be some yoga guru practice, this is a great way to divert obsessions and put unnecessary thoughts to the periphery. Meditation for 20 minutes a day can significantly improve your results.

  1. Regular Physical Activity

If you think that by doing your morning exercises, you are just training your muscles, you are mistaken. Physical exercises help to develop memory and increase concentration. Sport increases blood circulation. The brain gets nourished and oxygenated faster, which means it can work longer and more productively.

  1. Quality Sleep

Healthy sleep is essential unless you want to fall into a catnap at an important lesson. Indeed, during the deep phase of sleep, memory and concentration are strengthened. Try to make a sleep schedule and go to bed at the same time every day. Avoiding interaction with a smartphone or computer an hour before sleep would also be a plus. 

  1. Minimizing Multitasking

According to Stanford University research, those students who consider themselves capable of performing several tasks at the same time show lower results than those who focus on one task at a time. The experiment proved that the idea of multitasking as an effective strategy is a myth itself. The brain is not capable of multitasking. It switches from important assignments to entertaining activities (funny videos, social media, and so on).

  1. Planning Everything Ahead

Drawing up a detailed plan will help you organize all the assignments and responsibilities that need to be dealt with. You can compose either a plan for a day or a week. It may even be a schedule for the whole month - it depends on the workload. Finishing one task and marking its completion is a sign that you can proceed to the next. Make sure to appoint the deadline as it will make you more disciplined and attentive.

  1. Leave Work at Work

Or rather leave studying at the university. At first sight, this recommendation may seem irrelevant as we are talking about student life, a continuous process of self-development. Still, it is very important to separate the places of work, study, and leisure. It helps the brain regroup and prepare to start a new day with more energy.

  1. Reading Books

While reading your brain activity increases and blood circulation improves. As a result, concentration becomes stronger. Also, reading keeps the neurons of the brain in good shape. 

It is not necessary to read something scientific. Brain activity increases when a book evokes vivid emotions and decreases when you are bored and tired. At the same time, you can read either an electronic book or a paper one. But remember to make sure there are no problems with your eyes. Excessive tension in the eye muscles harms your attention.


  1. Creating Favorable Conditions

External factors often prevent us from concentrating and performing quality work. How often do you face the need to start from scratch because of the annoying phone calls or text messages on social media? As a rule, we are unable to ignore these things, thus our attention suffers.

There are several ways of combating this smartphone addiction. You can start by simply muting the phone for some period needed to execute your action plan. If this method is too difficult for you, try to download an application that will control your schedule. Setting desirable working hours and turning off intrusive notifications will help to train your attentiveness.

  1. Avoiding Overwork

Even though modern society tells us to always be productive, it is important to take a break from time to time. Consider how many tasks you undertake per day, and how many of them you manage to complete. The more tasks fall on our shoulders, the more chances of stress to appear. A huge amount of stress impedes the free flow of our energy and affects the power of concentration. Planning each task carefully and prioritizing things is a good remedy to avoid overloading.


Mindfulness and the ability to concentrate are not the prerogatives of geniuses and scientists. It is rather an urgent need even in everyday life. To develop the brain and constantly feed it with energy, it is necessary to train memory, attention, imagination, and maintain a strong body. 

Follow the recommendations listed above to make your student life effective and full of achievements. Choose the techniques that are suitable for you, experiment, incorporate different exercises in your daily life, and monitor the improvement of your results.

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