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On Tour: Baltimore  

"Holy Balls!" -Ole Anderson  

 The Front Row decided to go on tour and make a road trip to Baltimore for the big Flair verses Sting match. We all got the word that Flair was going to drop the strap and we all knew that was going to be something really special to see in person.

Obin, Big Eddie, Bruce, KC and yours truly took two cars and drove off early in the morning to see the big show. Simp and The Coach were going to meet us there that night. It was a real easy drive and Baltimore 's Inner Harbor is a beautiful place to hang out. We all got together and met up with Wade Keller and Dave Meltzer and had a ball at the restaurant telling stories and goofing off.

This was right after the Herd Sign in Greensboro so I got a lot of attention. Most was totally undeserved but it was fun. The Florida group of Klon, Jeff Bowdren and Dave Flaherty showed up later and it was a real great time.

After Simp and The Coach showed up, we went to the room to unpack. At the elevator was Ole Anderson! I told him I was sorry to hear about Gene passing and he was gruff but cool. He got on the elevator going down and the doors opened and he said get on and we all made small talk. Very small talk. The guy still scared the shit out of all of us. It is one of those childhood things of watching him week after week  kick the shit out of Wahoo and Johnny Weaver. I guess that made us all a little hesitant. I am sure you all understand.

 Later we went up to Meltzer's room to hang out and there was a knock on Dave's door. Believe it or not, it was WCW security. These two guys looked like they worked for the CIA with flat top haircuts and wearing suits. They wanted to ask Dave two questions.

 First, they wanted to know if the guys from Greensboro were there and were they going to have any signs. I told them that we were on tour and on vacation.

  No signs tonight.

 That was very cool with them because Mr, Herd wanted to make sure that there was not going to be any disturbances at this show.

 (I know you folks think you are reading some kind of bad science fiction or I was on some serious drugs at this time but this is all true.)

 Second question was to inform all the fans that if anyone put his hands on Ole Anderson, Mr. Anderson would fight back in defense.

 Dave turned to the room and asked if anyone had attacked Ole?

 We all played dumb.

 But I knew who did it.

 It had to be Simp.

 When these WCW guys left, we all sat amazed that WCW gave that much thought about a few nutty fans from Greensboro. I mean it was a total waste of time that they should have been spending on booking the show.

  So a little later I ran into Simp and asked him if he had attacked Ole.

 Simp told me, "Aaaah, Igor I just saw big ol' Ole and slapped a head lock on him and said, "HEY OLE! YOU BIG BASTARD! LET'S RASSLE!"

Needless to say, Simp had a few too many drinks at the bar but I think you probably guessed that by now.

 The show was excellent and the Flair /Sting title change electric. The crowd could smell the title change, the heat was amazing to see in person.

 We heard that the place to eat was a restaurant named Sabatinos at the Inner Harbor so off we went. When we got there the place was packed but by total luck the waiting staff put the front row in a room with Sting, Luger, the Steiners and Tom Zenk.

During the meal Luger and Sting would look over at our motley crew and start laughing. The food was the finest seafood I have ever eaten. The shrimp was the size of softballs and the people were very nice to all of us.

After the meal we walked over the wrestlers table and said hello. Luger wanted to know why we didn't have any Lex Looser sighs? Sting said he always thought that Stink was a nice touch. The Steiner Brothers didn't care if we were there or not. And who really cares what Zenk thought anyway.

I asked Sting about his knee and he was really cool and told me the whole story. Of course I wanted to know if Doug Dillenger was going to get a title shot since he put him out of action.

Later that night Simp passed out in his pizza.

 It was a great trip and we all still talk about it to this day.


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