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Looney Tunes on DVDLooney Tunes - Golden Collection, Volume Five

Another glorious Looney Tunes collection comes to DVD just in time for the holidays, a four-disc collection with many of the best Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig cartoons along with hours of bonus features that are sure to thrill cartoon connoisseurs both young and old.

The first disc in this box set is devoted to Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, the second to Fairy Tales, the third to Bob Clampett toons while Porky Pig dominates disc four. In all, there are 60 restored and uncut cartoon shorts on 4 discs and they look beautiful, stunning really, for the first time we're seeing these masterpieces with the clarity of picture and color that was intended, as opposed to the scratchy prints we were used to growing up on TV reruns.

Besides the incredible cartoons from the 1930s & '40s - which, believe me, would be reason enough to love this box set - animation aficionados are flipping over these Looney Tunes Golden Collections because of the amazing number of bonus features, 5 hours worth in this set alone.

Here's the extras line-up for this DVD set:
- Fantastic audio commentaries on select episodes by top animation experts
- 3 fine documentaries on Chuck Jones (Chuck Jones: Extremes and Inbetweens, A Life in Animation), Robert McKinson and other Looney Tunes directors
- Music and special effects only tracks on select shorts (fun!)
- 3 TV prime-time Looney Tunes specials with Bugs Bunny
- Rare Private Snafu and Mr. Hooks shorts
- Commercial, interstitials and audio recording sessions

This is truly entertainment the entire family can enjoy together. How many DVD releases can you say that about? All for around $47.00 (that's 28% off) if you order now online.

Product Description:
More Looney Tunes... your wish is our command. In this 4-disc set are 60 more of the most looneytic Looney Tunes ever unleashed and over 5 hours of extra special features. Indeed, some have never before been on home video! Disc 1 features some of the best Bugs and Daffy shorts ever. Disc 2 is filled with Looney Tunes version of fairy tales. Disc 3 features the best of Looney Tunes directed by Bob Clampett. And Disc 4 is all about the early daze.

Disc One: Bugs and Daffy
1. 14-Carrot Rabbit
2. Ali Baba Bunny (with Commentary Track by Filmmaker Greg Ford & Music Only Track)
3. Buccaneer Bunny
4. Bugs' Bonnets
5. A Star is Bored
6. A Pest in the House (with Commentary Track by Writer Paul Dini)
7. Transylvania 6-5000 (with Commentary Track by Historian Jerry Beck)
8. Oily Hare
9. Stupor Duck (with Music Only Track)
10. The Stupor Salesman
11. The Abominable Snow Rabbit (with Music and Effects Track)
12. The Super Snooper (with Music and Effects Track)
13. The Upstanding Sitter
14. Hollywood Daffy
15. You Were Never Duckier (with Commentary Track by Director Eric Goldberg)
Special Features Include:
1. Chuck Jones: Extremes and In-Betweens, a Life in Animation Part 1 (Estamated time: 45 minutes)
2. Featurettes: The Bugs Bunny Show
a. Bad Time Story Bridging Sequences (Estimated time: 8:26)
b. What's Up Dog? Audio Recording Sessions (Estimated time: 3:00)

Disc Two: Fairy Tales
1. Bewitched Bunny (with Commentary Track by Director Eric Goldberg & Music and Effects Track)
2. Paying the Piper
3. The Bear's Tale
4. Foney Fables
5. Goldimouse and the Three Cats (with Music Only Track)
6. Holiday for Shoestrings (with Commentary Track by Historian Daniel Goldmark)
7. Little Red Rodent Hood
8. Little Red Walking Hood (with Commentary Track by Animator Mark Kausler)
9. Red Riding Hoodwinked (with Commentary Track by Filmmaker Greg Ford & Music Only Track)
10. The Trial of Mr. Wolf
11. The Turn-Table Wolf (with Music and Effects Track)
12. Tom Thumb in Trouble (with Commentary Track by Historian Jerry Beck)
13. Tweety and the Beanstalk (with Music Only Track)
14. A Gander and a Mother Goose
15. Senorella and the Glass Huarache
Special Features Include:
1. Chuck Jones: Extremes and In-Betweens, A Life in Animation, Part Two (Estimated Time: 45:00)
2. Behind the Tunes
a. Once Upon a Tune (Estimated Time: 8:27)
b. Drawn to Life: The Art of Robert McKimson (Estimated Time: 15:00)
3. A Chuck Jones Tutorial: Tricks of the Cartoon (Estimated Time: 13:21)
4. Bonus Cartoons
a. Coming!! [1943] (Estimated Time: 3:00)
b. Gripes [1943] (Estimated Time: 3:00)
c. Gas [1944] (Estimated Time: 4:00)
a. Take Heed Mr. Tojo [1943] (Estimated Time: 3:00)
b. The Good Egg [1945] (Estimated Time: 3:00)
c. The Return of Mr. Hook [1945] (Estimated Time: 2:00)
d. Tokyo Woes [1945] (Estimated Time: 4:00)

Disc Three: The Best of Bob Clampett
1. Bacall to Arms (with Commentary Track by Historian Jerry Beck)
2. Buckaroo Bugs (with Commentary Track by Historian Michael Barrier and Commentary Track by Director John Kricfalusi, Director Eddie Fitzgerald and Cartoonist Kali Fonecchino)
3. Crazy Cruise
4. Farm Frolics (with Commentary Track by Actor Keith Scott)
5. Hare Ribbin'
6. Patient Porky
7. Prehistoric Porky
8. The Bashful Buzzard (with Commentary Track by Writer Paul Dini)
9. The Old Grey Hare (with Commentary Track by Filmmaker Greg Ford)
10. The Wacky Wabbit (with Commentary Track by Director Eric Goldberg)
11. The Wise Quacking Duck
12. Wagon Heels
13. The Daffy Doc (with Commentary Track by Animator Mark Kausler)
14. A Tale of Two Kitties (with Commentary Track by Historian Michael Barrier)
15. Porky's Pooch
Special Features Include:
1. Behind the Tunes
a. Wacky Warner One-Shots (Estimated Time: 8:40)
b. Real American Zero: The Adventures of Private SNAFU (Estimated Time: 8:45)
2. From the Vaults
a. Hare Ribbin' Director's Cut (Estimated Time: 8:00)
b. The Bashful Buzzard Storyboard Reel (with Bashful Buzzard Orignial Opening Music Cue) (Estimated Time: 8:00)
3. Alternate Milt Franklin Opening Themes (with Introduction by Greg Ford)(Estimated Time: 5:00)

Disc Four: "The Early Daze"
1. Alpin Antics
2. Eatin' on the Cuff or the Moth Who Came to Dinner (with Commentary Trac by Historian Jerry Beck)
3. Milk and Money
4. I've Got to Sing a Torch Song
5. Porky at the Crocadero (with Commentary Track by Historian Daniel Goldmark)
6. Polar Pals
7. Scrap Happy Daffy
8. Porky's Double Trouble
9. Golddigers of '49
10. Pilgrim Porky
11. Wise Quacks
12. Porky's Review (with Commentary Track by Fimmaker Greg Ford)
13. Porky's Poppa
14. Wholly Smoke (with Commentary Track by Historian Daniel Goldmark)
15. What Price Porky
Special Features Include:
1. Unsung Maestros: A Directors Tribute (Estimated Time: 15:00)
2. The Looney Tunes Television Specials
a. Bugs and Daff's Carnival of the Animals [1976 TV Special] (Estimated Time: 24:23)
b. Bugs Bunney's Looney Christmas Tales (1979 TV Special] (Estimated Time: 24:13)
c. Bugs Bunny's Bustin' Out All Over [1980 TV Special (Estimated Time: 23:46)

Can you imagine a better gift idea?

Number of discs: 4
Studio: Warner Home Video
DVD Release Date: October 30, 2007

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Looney Tunes DVDsThe Looney Tunes Golden Collection - Volume 2
The best of the best Looney Tunes cartoons ever made - the ones you grew up watching on Saturday mornings. Entertainment that really is for the whole family. You could knock off so many people on your gift list just by getting a few of these!

Looney Tunes 1 on DVDsLooney Tunes - Golden Collection, Volume Three
I love Christmastime, one reason is that I get to hip you to some great gift ideas. Because if you're like myself, you stress over getting the right gift, something people will enjoy - that they don't already have. That's the hard part - here are some great gift ideas that are brand new so you know

They're calling this the best Looney Tunes DVD collection ever and the extras are abundant. Seriously abundant. Remember the opening to the Bugs Bunny Show on Saturday mornings in the late-1960s / early-70s? It's here. Along with audio commentaries by Joe Dante, Jerry Beck, Paul Dini, June Foray, John Kricfalusi and many other experts. "Philbert", a rare 1963 TV pilot, Private Snafu cartoons, wartime shorts, storyboards, the first Looney Tunes cartoon from 1930, a number of documentaries, music-only tracks and much more.

All that and 60 of the Looney's looniest, fully restored and remastered to a startling brilliance.

Looney Tunes on DVDLooney Tunes is a perfect gift for kids and adults alike, so you can't miss with this one! The best part? You can have this massive collection delivered to your door for only $48.99 total. No sales tax, free shipping. (It will cost a bit more in stores.)

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