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Some of the best
TV on DVD releases:

Weeds on DVDWeeds - The Complete Second Season: Everyone's talking about this ingenious Showtime dramedy, it's all about a suburban housewife who turns to selling pot to support her family after her husband dies. Weeds sports a superior cast and some of the best scripts anywhere and it's all staged with a sweetly sarcastic edge. Even the kid actors are good. Both riotously funny and breathtakingly tense, Weeds is addictive!

The Closer Season 1 DVD The Closer - The Complete Second Season: Critics are raving about this unusual crime drama about a Southern gal (Kyra Sedgwick) with the people skills of a predatory panther who joins the LAPD to solve their toughest crimes. This show also stars one of my favorites, J.K. Simmons (the nazi prick from Oz) as her boss.

The Shield DVDThe Shield - The Fifth Season: If you haven't yet experienced The Shield, I can only tell you that you're missing out big time. I suggest you start with season one - you may find yourself hooked like I am, waiting impatiently for the next season's DVD release. It's a joyously wicked roller coaster ride of outrageous behavior so tightly directed, so finely written and acted that it's ultimately bullet proof.

Kyle XY on DVDKyle XY - Season 1: The best science fiction challenges the ordinary in ways that make you wonder. Kyle XY does just that in a stark manner, it's a fascinating enigma, a slowly unfolding thread revealing an intriguing pattern of emotional highs and lows that causes you to re-think what you know and gaze at everything fresh.

Heroes - Season 1

This is one of my favorite TV experiences in a long, long time, superb in every way. A prime example of getting everything, every aspect of production, just right.

I never believed anyone could pull off a super hero show for weekly television, it was a terribly ambitious concept. Can they hit that sweet spot again for season 2?

What better way to watch Heroes than on DVD, when you can decide how much or how little you want at a time? I got hooked big time on Heroes and watched the whole thing over one weekend.



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The Doris Day Show on DVDThe Doris Day Show - Season 5

This was the show's last year and, regrettably, Kaye Ballard is gone while Billy De Wolfe is very rarely seen.

Doris does gain an openly gay couple as her new neighbors which was very odd for the time, perhaps a first, though they were seen only once or twice and referred to thereafter.

The empasis of the show shifted more to Doris' relationship with Peter (Peter Lawford). He's in almost every episode but then, toward the end of the season, a guy we've never seen before - who looks almost exactly like Peter Lawford - comes back into Doris' life and proposes to her and she accepts despite the hot and heavy thing she had going just a few weeks earlier.

Read more about The Doris Day Show on DVD.

Dog The Bounty Hunter  on DVDDog the Bounty Hunter - The Best of Season 4

Dog and his criminal hunting brood are back with a rousing new DVD collection of 7 adrenaline fueled episodes filmed before their brief, infamous respite from TV.

Bounty Hunter Duane Lee Chapman (aka Dog) and his family operate a storefront Hawaiian bail bond business where, fortunately for the viewing public, some of their clients try to skip out on their responsibilities and have to be dragged kicking and screaming back to jail. But not before the family dispenses some sound advice and try to wring out a moment of redemption.

This family oozes self-righteousness, inhabiting a fairy tale world of wishes and dreams. Their clients, frequently drug addicted criminals, are going to jail but this show would have you believe they're off to a magical world where addicts and lost youth get all the help they need. In prison?!? Children are reunited in the street with their handcuffed, underwear clad dad on his way to the gray bar hotel and that's supposed to be an uplifting family moment? (And they say I'm cynical...)

Read the rest of the review - Dog The Bounty Hunter on DVD

Untouchables on DVDThe Untouchables Season 1 Volume 2

The Untouchables was and is the quintessential film noir TV series. The blood flows freely, beatings are commonplace, women are tommy-gunned down in dark alleys, the rivers are littered with weighted bodies, gun fights in the streets are frequent as are drive by shootings.

All par for the course in prohibition era Chicago ruled by vengeful tough guys, violent hoodlums and crooked officials. Despite this, crusading G-man Elliot Ness (Robert Stack) never loses his cool when confronted with hard-boiled mobsters and smack-talking punks.

Read more about The Untouchables on DVD here.


Dexter on DVDDexter - Season 1

A show that has you rooting for a serial killer? If you try to explain this show to someone they'll look at you with a blank expression, it's all in the execution so to speak, and no TV drama has you clutching the chair like Dexter.

This show just has to be seen to be believed, if you like chills and tense drama this is the one for you. There are few TV dramas that come close to the quality of Dexter, it's one of the best of all time - that makes this DVD collection one of the finest released all year, a must have.

Read more about Dexter on DVD.


Entourage on DVDEntourage Season 3 - Part 2

TV's funniest and most realistic sitcom, with one of the finest casts ever assembled, keeps getting better and better. No wonder, spoofing the world of Hollywood show biz is an ever flowing fountain for laughs. Plus, Jeremy Piven is a howl all by himself.

Entourage will go down in history as one of the greatest sitcoms of all time.

Read more about Entourage on DVD.


Father Knows Best on DVDFather Knows Best

Offering a preposterous glimpse into what life was never like in the 1950s, Father Knows Best set the mold for family sitcoms that followed, cheerful morality plays where all life's problems are neatly wrapped up in a half-hour.

It's a cliche to say that shows like this provided a template for white anglo saxon American families to live by in the 1950s but it's also the case that several generations have grown up with this program thanks to syndication in the 1960s & '70s and reruns on Nick At Nite in the 1980s & '90s.

Read the entire review - Father Knows Best on DVD.


Extras on DVDExtras - The Complete Second Season

"Are you havin' a laugh?" You darn sure will be when you pop this 2 disc set into the player.

In the acclaimed HBO series Extras, Ricky Gervais stars as struggling working actor Andy Millman who can't seem to catch a break from the series of mishaps instigated by the incompetent, mendacious people he's surrounded by.

This show is Gervais' follow-up to one of my all time favorite comedies The Office - the original British version, not the lame American knockoff.

Read the entire Extras review here


Tom Jones on DVDThis Is Tom Jones

That's right, one of the greatest pop stars of all time had his own variety series for two seasons on ABC from 1969-71 and what a show it was!

This new DVD collection of 8 episodes focuses on 'Rock 'n' Roll Legends' - it's an amazing array of performances not just from the dynamic Tom Jones but also the Tommy-era Who, The Moody Blues, Joe Cocker, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and many other sixties superstars.

Not many singers have the chops to duet with the likes of Janis Joplin, Little Richard, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Joe Cocker but Tom Jones handled it easily and with style.

Sixties' rock enthusiasts will be especially pleased that these artists are captured at the peak of their majesty. The guest artist's solo spots are remarkable - Janis Joplin's heartbreaking 'Little Girl Blue' (one the finest performances she ever gave on film), The Who performing 'Pinball Wizard,' Joe Cocker doing 'Delta Lady' and 'My Baby Wrote Me A Letter,' Aretha Franklin's soulful rendition of 'Say A Little Prayer'... and on and on. It just doesn't get any better than this.

Read more about The Tom Jones Show on DVD here...


The Office on DVDThe Office: Season Four

Wow, I'm stunned, shocked. I stand corrected. Big time! When I watched the first season of the Americanized The Office I was sorely disappointed, it paled in comparison to the British original, felt forced and lacked the naturalness of the original. So I ignored it from then on, despite my friends telling me that it had actually gotten good over time.

So I wasn't expecting much as I loaded the DVD player but was blown away by how laugh out loud funny The Office Season 4 is! Steve Carrell is just priceless, he sings, he zings, the entire cast excels in their cubicle monkey roles. What a riot Phyllis Smith is as Phyllis and Leslie David Baker as Stanley can draw more laughs with a glance than seems humanly possible.

Read more about - The Office on DVD here...


Ozzie & Harriet on DVDThe Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet: Best of Ricky and Dave

One of the longest-running and most beloved sitcoms returns to DVD with another 'best of' collection and it's a sweet, nostalgic time capsule of times gone by.

Personally, I enjoyed Ozzie & Harriet more when the focus was not on the kids, especially TV's first manufactured pop star Ricky, but I suppose I'm in the minority in that.

This is not laugh out loud funny stuff, it's more of a heartwarming, family affair. Heartwarming and weird - it's difficult to fit Ozzie & Harriet's world into a modern context. Folks just ain't like that anymore.

That's the charm of the series, sure, but the people who inhabit this TV land act in the most bizarre ways.

This was a time when parents were proud that their kids were part of the gang. Would you think twice if a 50 year old neighbor came to play upstairs alone with your 8 year old son? As a parent would you take a 60 minute ride on the back of a motorcycle to buy a toy, candy and flowers? Do you encounter many polite high school boys preoccupied with studying, listening intently to whatever adults have to say?

The soda shop down the street, teens in high waist trousers and sport coats, kids who say "swell," "gee," and call their dad "pop" - this is the America the Nelson family preserved in their shows and that alone makes this program so wonderful and so oddball.

Read more about - Ozzie & Harriet on DVD


Outer Limits on DVDThe Outer Limits - The Original Series, Season 1 Volume 1

Aficionados agree that the first season of The Outer Limits was the best - not that the second season was bad (some episodes were among the best) but season one was a phenomenal breakthrough in TV sci-fi drama.

In fact, it can be said without fear of much contradiction that The Outer Limits was the finest science fiction series of the 20th century. It certainly was the creepiest, with bizarre special and make-up effects and truly horrifying storylines. After four decades The Outer Limits still packs a wallop, bouncing between the whimsical and the eerie in that way that TV can't seem to manage anymore leading the way for Star Trek, not to mention the successful Outer Limits revival in the 1990s.

This collection represents the first 16 Outer Limits episodes (half the first season), the best according to many experts, with classics like 'The Galaxy Being,' the first episode and perhaps the best of the bunch; 'The Man Who Was Never Born' and 'The Architects of Fear' where Robert Culp is transformed into an alien to scare the population into peace.

Read more about The Outer Limits on DVD here...


The Wire on DVDThe Wire - The Complete Fourth Season

I literally got chills up my spine when I held this DVD set in my hands, The Wire is absolutely my favorite TV drama of all time, I just finished watching all 3 seasons for a second time this fall and I've been greatly anticipating season 4.

Though there are major plot treads that interweave and evolve through the years, each season of The Wire focuses in on a different segment of Baltimore's appalling underbelly. This year they zoom in on an inner city middle school to focus on the kids that get lured into gangs and the drug trade. This is no cheap plot device, show co-creator and writer Ed Burns started out as a public school teacher in Baltimore. No wonder Entertainment Weekly called this season, "dazzling... a staggering achievement."

Read more about The Wire on DVD


Voyage to the Bottom of the SeaVoyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Season 3, Vol. 1

Most fans agree that Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea season 3 took a nosedive in quality from season 2 but if you're a die hard Irwin Allen fan like I am it really doesn't matter that much. I love every scenery chewing moment, the colorful monsters of the week, the underwater shots, the cool special effects & set designs and the simplistic storylines. It all harkens back to a different television era.

Standout episodes for this second year in color include 'Deadly Waters' (with the Seaview trapped at ocean's bottom), 'The Wax Men' (with Michael Dunn as an evil clown), 'Thing From Inner Space,' and the first episode, 'Monster From The Inferno' where the crew go up against an atomic brain.

Read the full review here...


Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour on DVDThe Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour: Season 3

This superb DVD release is a Paul Brownstein production so you know going in it will be the best possible product; this one's is no exception. You get 11 third season Smothers Brothers Comedy Hours including the one that CBS ever aired, the episode that got them fired in 1969, supposedly because David Steinberg's sermonette routine was deemed offensive.

That episode also contains some interracial romance between Tommy and Nancy Wilson and a shout out to Martin Luther King's dream at the end of the show that surely would have been considered edgy in and of themselves.

While CBS cancelled other highly-rated series (like the Jackie Gleason & Red Skelton shows) at the time, that was an attempt to drop programs that attracted a primarily older audience. Demographics was the hot advertising buzzword in 1969 and the Smothers, with a top 20 show, had the coveted 18-34 age bracket locked in. Renewal from a business point of view was a no brainer, the contracts signed when CBS abruptly dropped the show.

Read more about The Smothers Brothers on DVD here.

Melrose Place on DVDMelrose Place - The Third Season

I finally get to see what Melrose Place was all about.

This show was massively popular in Los Angeles in the early-mid 1990s, my friends were hooked on this show and would turn on Melrose Place when we were working late Wednesday nights to keep up with what was going on.

Melrose Place is a campy pre-cursor to Desperate Housewives (both shows have Marcia Cross in the cast), a ridiculous cartoon drama with shallow, supercilious but otherwise lovely pinheads who happily spend the majority of their days and nights gleefully plotting everyone else's personal and professional demise.

On Melrose Place the women are all peroxide blondes or redheads, the guys are well-groomed and everyone jumps in and out of bed with whoever's nearby; a blatantly incestuous group that rarely dates anyone outside the office or their small apartment conclave.

Read more about - Melrose Place here.

Groucho Marx on DVDComic Legends - Groucho Marx & Redd Foxx

Here's a surprise offering from MPI - two episodes of a show I wasn't familiar with called One Man Show. These programs star Redd Foxx in one and Groucho Marx in the other, both filmed around 1971.

Redd was about to jump start his TV career with Sanford and Son and Groucho is seen here in one of his last major TV appearances. Groucho is only half "on" here, clearly out of his element; he hadn't been performing that much during the previous half decade before this hour long program was taped. Still, his wit shines though at various points and it's a joy to watch this master-past-his-prime at work.

As a bonus on this disc you get Groucho's bits from one of his Hollywood Palace appearances in the mid-sixties and that's a glimpse at Groucho at his TV best.

Poor Redd Foxx had to tone his nightclub act down quite a bit for TV but this is one of the rare opportunities to see this great comic at work on the stage where he made his mark - decade after decade - long before and after TV was done with him.

The Invaders on DVDThe Invaders

I have fond memories of watching this show as a kid on The Bob Gordon Show, a local 4-6 hour Sunday afternoon rerun-fest with live drop ins by a genial fellow who introduced the various shows and created origami creatures from dollar bills.

A Quinn Martin (The Untouchables) production, The Invaders is an unusual sci-fi show with relatively little of the gimmickry or far out plotlines that you'll find in Star Trek, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, or Lost in Space, all of which were on the air when The Invaders debuted in January of 1967. The series operates at a much slower pace, more akin to The Fugitive blended with Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The aliens here mostly serve as a metaphor for societal paranoia over commies, a repressive government, or whatever you like.

It's a first rate program, with terrific guest stars and QM regular players who turn up in every pristinely directed episode. This production was part of the first wave of color TV shows so everything looks hyper realized, vibrant hues are juxtaposed with dark shadows and dramatic camera angles to lend an air of nightmarishness that perpetually hangs in the air.

Read more about - The Invaders on DVD

McHales Navy on DVDMcHale's Navy - Season One

McHale's Navy's entire 1962-63 season is here in glorious black and white; all 36 half-hour episodes on 5 discs along with a bonus cast reunion filmed especially for the DVD.

The stellar cast includes Ernest Borgnine, Tim Conway, Carl Ballantine, Gavin MacLeod, Joe Flynn and Bob Hastings among others and they are backed by some of the best writers and directors of TV's early days.

This was the one of a series of popular shows set in the military, a trend that started with the hilarious Sgt. Bilko in You'll Never Get Rich in the 1950s and continued through Hogan's Heroes, F-Troop & Gomer Pyle in the 1960s and M*A*S*H in the 1970s.


Dallas - The Complete Sixth Season

Now I know what you're saying - Dallas?!? It's my guilty pleasure! I got hooked on the show in the 1980s when it began running in syndication and it's one of the funniest shows ever produced for TV. Campy, biting, bitchy, reflective of a by-gone era; it all emerges as frothy fun, the kind of mindless entertainment TV was meant for.

The most popular show of the 1980s, Dallas is like a hot fudge sundae with too much whipped cream - but there are no cherries in sight here!

These 6th season episodes start out with JR's cloddish nemesis Cliff Barnes in the hospital after a suicide attempt and old JR on the outs at Ewing Oil. This leads into a poolside wedding (if you've watched Dallas for any period of time you know what that means) and a Ewing BBQ that, of course, ends up in drunken disarray.

Read more about Dallas on DVD here.

Hootenanny DVDThe Best of Hootenanny

This is - I'm not kidding - the most exciting DVD product I've seen in a long time, maybe of all time. I can't think of another DVD collection I viewed all the way through, and then watched again at the very first opportunity. It's like a CD you want to play over and over.

If you're a folk/ country/ gospel/ jazz/ bluegrass/ world music lover - or just interested in the roots of American rock music - this is the ultimate early-sixties collection; an exciting, eclectic mix with heart-stopping performances from Trini Lopez, Mariam Makeba, The Chad Mitchell Trio, Johnny Cash, Hoyt Axton, The Dillards, Flatt & Scruggs, Ian & Sylvia, Marion Williams, Jimmie Rodgers, The Tarriers, Doc Watson and many others. Continuity is preserved and the performances are, every one, a gem. There are also some seriously genius comedy routines sprinkled throughout from Vaughn Meader, Louis Nye, Bill Cosby, Jackie Vernon and Woody Allen.

Read more about Hootenanny on DVD here.


I Love New York on DVDI Love New York

Take one trashy, egotistical girl (a self-proclaimed "crazy ass bitch"), her impossibly domineering mother and 20 sketchy guys scraped off the sidewalks vying for the young lady's affections and you've got the incendiary 'reality' show sensation I Love New York.

Far out and funny as hell, I Love New York is a spin-off of VH1's Flavor of Love, one of the most watchable reality shows to come along in a long time.

I liked this one very much, it's a guilty pleasure even if I didn't much care for the participants. Ridiculous from start to finish, I Love New York is a compelling train wreck of a show with about as much class as pissing in the pool.

Read more about- I Love New York on DVD

Superman on DVDSuperman - The 1948 & 1950 Theatrical Serials Collection

Fans of the Adventures of Superman TV program will want to add this collection to the set - these serials shared a lot of the same production personnel and features Noel Neill playing Lois Lane. (Horror movie heavyweight Lyle Talbot appears as Luthor and Jimmy Olsen is played by Tommy Bond who played "Butch" in the Our Gang comedies.)

These two 15 chapter thrillers were produced at the tale end of the movie serial era - the production values are better than some of the earlier but more popular serials. Keep in mind that the Superman character was a mere 10 years old at this point, this was the first live-action Superman the public had seen.



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