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Gigglesnort HotelHere's a real holiday treat - remember the great Chicago (and syndicated) kiddie show Gigglesnort Hotel? BJ and the Dragon? Now you can own the classic holiday special A Gift For Granny. From the press release: It's a snow-blowing Christmas Eve, and Sonny, a little boy, battles the notorious Hunker Boys and crafty pawnbroker Craven Moore in a search for the perfect gift for his grandmother. DVD - 25 minutes.

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Someone wrote that Gigglesnort Hotel was a spinoff of B.J. and Dirty Dragon. That's true, and B.J. and Dirty Dragon was the second show for B.J. (aka Bill Jackson) who did a show called Clown Alley.

Bill Jackson was quite an artist, who incorporated his talent into both shows with his drawing contest. He would draw a caricature of some cartoon character. Kids would have to call in to guess who he was drawing. The prize would be the drawing itself.

- Matt Anthony

I don't know what possessed me to search for this show on the internet. But after finding this site I am glad I did.

I remember Giglesnort Hotel, believe it or not, as a lonely 20-year-old wife with a brand new baby and an absent/abusive husband. When the kid wasn't screaming and the old man wasn't screaming, there was always the Gigglesnort gang to cheer me up. Not much more than a kid myself, I absolutely adored this show; kind of gave me a few things to smile about between the lonliness and misery.

As the years have gone by, I have often wondered what happened to that show I loved so much. I was broken hearted when it was no longer on the air. I would watch it every morning. Then I just never heard about it again until I found this site. I remember so much of it like I watched it just yesterday. I remember a poem by Maynard the crow that went something like this:

Most people like cats or dogs
But as for me, I'll take hogs
Hogs don't run through the house chasing a mouse
Or act like a loon barking at the moon
Hogs don't go for any of that phooey
And they'll come runnin' from miles around
And all you gotta do is yell, 'sooooeeyyyyyy!!!"

Dirty Dragon had a girlfriend named Lila LaHotcha...remember? She would come in from out of town from her famous glamourous movie-star life to visit him once in awhile.

Remember the show where Weird's cousin came in to visit and he was green? Maybe that was his name..I don't remember..but Dirty decided he didn't like green puppets and started the...GGG.."Green's Gotta Go" club. He had a bunch of of the hotel residents down in the basement wearing pointy white hats and capes...then BJ came in and they did some kind of "Laugh-In" psychedelic dance segment to show all colors and kinds are good.

Blob was officially called the "Hotel Statuary". W.C. Cornfield, the House Detective, Dirty Dragon, Weird the Bellhop, Maynard and Myrtle the crows, Pearl and Fenster, Wally and of course Old Captain G himself snorting away in a blissful state of senility on the roof somewhere. And BJ saluting and reporting "ship's morale" to him to let him know how everyone was doing, and warning everyone not to call the place a hotel because Captain G thinks it is a ship. What a hoot!

Why, tell me why is this show not being aired somehow, somewhere. In my opinion it was one of the best kids' shows ever. Right up there with Ernest and Pee Wee, but that's another can of worms.

What ever happened to Bill Jackson? I wrote him once to tell him how much I loved the show, and he sent me a nice photo of him with some of the hotel's residents. He autographed it and everything. Is he still around somewhere? I would like to think he was still doing something.

- Michele / Dallas

I enjoyed Michele from Dallas's rendition of "Hogs," the poem recited by Maynard Thumptwanger. I think her memory is flawless. That poem was the end scene from a episode called "Rejection," where the residents of the hotel learn to live with life's little kicks in the pants.

I remember that episode vividly because I was one of the puppeteers on that show (the other, besides Bill of course, was Michael Lans...he's the one who's working Maynard in the scene). I was in my early 20's, a longtime fan of Bill Jackson's work, and scared to death!

By the way, the answer to one of Jon Meyer's questions (what show came between Cartoon Town and Gigglesnort) is "The BJ and Dirty Dragon Show," which aired on weekday mornings on WGN-TV. It only ran for a year but was almost identical to the Cartoon Town format (I worked as Bill's production assistant during this time).

It's been great reading everyone's memories!
- Judy Nishimura

This has been great, reminiscing about Cartoon Town.

Do you remember the old lady who would give out recipies? My sister copied her "Pipperoo Pie" recipe, although she never made it.

A couple of years ago, I read an article in the Chicago Tribune that included an interview with Bill Jackson. I believe he was back in Chicago to commemorate the opening of the Broadcast Museum. After Cartoon Town and Gigglesnort Hotel, Jackson did some theatre and retired somewhere out in California. He's now in his 60s, and shocked that people still remember him and his work. I've lived in Chicago my entire life and never realized that the Cartoon Town and Garfield Goose puppets are on display.

Robert from Chicago

Gigglesnort Hotel!
Bill Jackson's first hosting job was a show called Clown Alley (1962).


Bill Jackson - Gigglesnort HotelBill Jackson's
Gigglesnort Hotel!

Please Help! This has been driving me nuts. Do you remember a show (probably from the 1970's) called Gigglesnort Hotel? I have asked several people at work and no one can recall the show.

Bill Jackson - cartoon TownMy co-workers and my wife think I am crazy. I want to prove them wrong by finding another person who remembers this show. It was not a great show, if fact it was a very strange show. I don't remember a whole lot about it, but I do remember one of the characters was a big blob of clay that talked.

Thanks for your help.
- John Smith

No, John, you're not crazy. Gigglesnort Hotel used to come on early Sunday mornings in Chicago - a nice bit of a relief from all of the Catholic mass shows. The hotel was run by old man Gigglesnort. He thought that it was a Ship, he even had a steering wheel, one of those ship gear shifter things, and a foghorn in his penthouse suite.

Bill Jackson - Gigglesnort HotelThere was only one human on the show, most of the time he would tell stories by drawing pictures a la "Win Lose or Draw". I forget his name, but he mostly interacted with the Dragon who worked in the boiler room. Both characters' names escape me though. It had a pretty long run from the late 70's into the early 80's. The Dragon even had an evil twin, and some pretty interesting plot twists. The puppetry was inspired, or maybe I have too many good memories about it.
Robert Stephens
- Dallas, Georgia.

Gigglesnort Hotel was utterly Satanic. There was nothing cute or funny about it - it was horrifying and wrong.

Eg: The Blob of Clay didn't "talk" - it continually whimpered in agony and terror as the other characters molded, manipulated and taunted it... All except for the lone human, who would sculpt, re-face and attempt commiseration with his fellow prisoner in Gigglesnort Hell. Then along would come the Dragon, who would eat some coal, let fly a litany of insults, and then spew huge amounts of smoke from his nostrils. I used to hide in the corner when it was on TV. It's one of those things that the media establishment has tried to wipe from the collective memory, kind of like Rankin & Bass's "The Year Without A Santa Claus" (also fairly Satanic) - but it was real.

- Alan Hines

Gigglesnort Hotel!

I was glad to see a web page for this show that I thought was forgotten. I am 29 years old, from Chicago, and can vividly recall watching that show in the 70's.

I would never miss an episode because I enjoyed it, but I realize now as an adult (and I read similar opinions in your web page) that there may have been an evil side to it. Perhaps this was not the intention, but there is definately something not right. Being young when the show aired, I could not analyze it, but I can now.

I remember a somber atmosphere to it, with poor lighting in most scenes to suggest some innocent horror. The lemon joke kid's smile was that of the devil himself, I will never forget his face or the way he talked. I also remember when BJ would go upstairs to see Gigglesnort himself, and the hallway was very dark by the door. There was also a sense of lonliness about the show. The puppet's faces, perhaps comical to children, seem grotesque to me now. And I can't count how many nightmares I had throughout the years about the episode with the aliens from outerspace, that monster with the turtle-neck sweater, lurking about under the passages of the Hotel. Gigglesnort Hotel!

Dirty Dragon seemed evil too. Blob's hollow and bellowing voice sent chills down my spine. I think they would have killed someone if the show and the censors allowed it. I don't mean to be rough on the show, but I can't help what I feel. I hope you post this so that others may analyze and conclude for themselves.

- Ron Flores

David Katz shares this photo from the Chicago museum exhibit.
Thanks, David!

Holy cow!!! I'm not alone either. It's like a gathering of a lost time. I have vague memories of the Gigglesnort hotel, especially a weird intro with a car driving around town to get to the hotel. I grew up an hour from Chicago and remember watching this weird show and being frightened and fascinated all at the same time. I'm just glad I wasn't just making this memory up or something. I'm so glad I found you all! Thanks-

- Rachel Sprovtsoff

WOW!! Another person who remembers this show!! I loved it as a kid, and so did my fiance. Last year, we went to the Museum of Broadcasting in Chicago (312) 629-6000 and got a few episodes out of the archives. It was GREAT!

The dragon's name was Dirty Dragon and he provided all of the heat for the hotel. The only human on the show was BJ, Bill Jackson. He was the creator of the show also. Genius if you ask me!! There was an OLD couple, Fester & Pearl, who lived in the hotel and they (from what I remember) were very kinky.

In one of the episodes we watched last year, they were playing Cowboy & Indian, using their recycling Rockers as horses and tying each other up. There was a crow..he was from the south, his name was Maynard. He was the handy man in the hotel. There was WC, and he looked and acted like W.C. Fields. And then there was Wierd. He was, as the name implies, wierd. There was Blob, he was made of clay and everyone used to form him into different object. Never talked, just moaned and mummled. There was a purpose to the show, always a lesson to be learned, Fire Safety, Responsibility - blah blah blah.

- Clare Allsebrook

I can answer a bunch of questions posed by your webviewers:

Gigglesnort Hotel!1) BJ and Dirty Dragon was on Channel 32 (WFLD-TV) during various timeslots. It was usually on weekdays after school. It was called "Cartoon Town" for a while, later "The BJ and Dirty Dragon Show."

2) BJ was Bill Jackson. He was the Mayor of Cartoon Town.

3) Cartoon Town's set actually was "modernized" with the buildings having a streamlined look.

4) The show always opened with BJ sitting, with his feet up on his desk, with his derby perched upon on of his feet. When the show started, he'd kick the derby in the air, and try to get it to land on his head. On the rare occasion that it did, a celebration commenced.

5) Wally and Weird were kinda like Ernie and Bert--only weirder.

6) There was a Suggestion Box on BJ's desk, which would say things much like Senor Wence's hand would say. "S'allright?" "S'allright."

7) Dirty Dragon was the Post Master. You had to make sure that you didn't anger Dirty Dragon, because if you did, he would scream, "FIIIEEEEE !!!!," and blast fire and smoke out of his nose all-Godzilla-like, and burn up the mail. He was the precursor to the modern day disgruntled Postal Worker.

8) BJ and Dirty Dragon were great proponents of the Muscular Distrophy Association, and encouraged Chicagoland children to have backyard carnivals with the proceeds going to MDA.

- Jon Meyers

Let me just add my almighty thanks that others remember this show... The hotel-as-ship idea and the lone human, Godlike, watching over the warped goings-on... I remember these things, but most clearly I can picture the the Lemon Joke Kid. I'd always tell people "you know, the Gigglesnort Hotel with the lemon-headed boy..." and then trail off in the face of disbelief, and finally get accused of having been an LSD-test subject as a child.

But you know I don't recall ever being frightened by this show, so maybe this says something about my inner workings... and maybe I should take it up with a trained professional. But look at it this way: there are apparently at LEAST 15 or 20 people who watched this show as kids and yet managed to grow up literate. That's... something.

- Tess/Victoria BC (grew up in Chicago) I am so glad that someone turned me on to this website. I happen to know that all of St. Leo Grammar School in Chicago watched afternoon shows: Felix the Cat, Prince Planet, Magilla Gorilla, Speed Racer and yes, B.J. and DIRTY DRAGON on WFLD and WSNS, channels 32 and 44.

The show would later be named GIGGLESNORT HOTEL after moving to ABC, channel 7, it was one of my all time favorites! My sister and I would never miss a show. I am 32 yrs old now and still remember most of the characters and plot lines that were discussed in the letters on the website. And yes, I too had a mad crush on Bill Jackson! Boy, he could draw a mean caricature... He is a fantastic cartoonist and the genius behind a truly imaginative show.

I can even go a little further and name a character named "Dr. Doompuss" who's villainy did a progressive show crossover. He was nasty! I couldn't wait for the next plot filled storyline starring that guy! Of course, I have very dark humor (I attended Catholic School), so no one could ever accuse me of being overly-sensitive. Highly unusual for a girl :) The more terrifying, the more I loved it! My husband doesn't remember the shows very fondly; he says that if he now closed his eyes he could almost smell Dirty Dragon's smoke. He's a sensitive fellow; but not as bad as the guy who swears "Gigglesnort" was a euphemism for "devil worship"! What show were you watching, dude?

Before moving, I saw him give an interview on the morning show "Fox Thing In The Morning". He said that the reason why he left was because of TV station politics and his growing dissolution with the entire show biz scene. That's a shame. He brought such joy to children by helping to expand their imagination. I tell ya, Bill Jackson put the giggle in "GIGGLESNORT"! I miss him terribly, and I sure do wish he was back in the programming control saddle because if he were, me and my kid would be watching his show today!

Still luv ya Bill, Pebbles Nickson


Dear people-

Thanks much for including me in your memories. For those of you who would like to bring back the fun, may I suggest The dragon lives. So do I for that matter.

- Bill Jackson


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