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Why watch TV when you can read about it?
Who Killed TV's Superman? First Interactive Video Game: Winky Dink & You! Playboy after Dark Irwin Allen & The Time Tunnel Sonny vs. Cher Gene Roddenberry's Unsold Pilots Where Are the Sitcom Houses Now?

The Smothers Brothers Bob McAllister & Wonderama Robert Blake's Troubled Past History of the Laugh Track Bette Davis on TV Was Groucho Hijacked? Fabulous Brett Somers The Carol Burnett Shows I Was a TV Child Star Are You a Romper Room Do Bee?

Ironic Death of Redd Foxx Hanging Out with Lucy Madcap Tallulah Bankhead TV's First Sex Symbol: Mary Hartline Dusty, Nature Boy & Baby Doll The Original Captain Kangaroo Good Times (They Weren't) Two Darrins on Bewitched? Totie Fields vs. KISS Batman & the Hi-Camp Superheroes Local Kid Shows from across the USA . . . and lots more!

BONUS CD-ROM (with 25 minutes of random video clips related to the content in the book): A Very Bette Xmas - 1950s Retro Flip - Radioactive Models - Superheroes 66-67 - Philly Home Movies - Network Promo outtakes - Kids & Guns

"I received and am recommending, TVparty, the Book! Webmaster and author Billy Ingram has put together a nifty compendium of what some might call 'TV trivia,' though it's essential, must-have info for anyone who's hip enough to visit his website...or mine, for that matter. If you like obscure, behind-the-scenes info about old TV shows (including some of the obscurer ones), you'll want to tune in on this puppy."
- Mark Evanier, POV Online

"Forget about All About Eve, learn all about Bette! Her little known television career that is. That's just one of the fun topics."
- In Magazine

"Admit it. There's never anything good on TV. So read a book. In fact, read this book. About TV. Billy Ingram has been the "host" of TVparty.com since 1997 and he's collected hundreds of the medium's most intriguing stories, quotes and tidbits into TVparty!, the book. Why were there two Darrins on Bewitched? Who killed TV's Superman? What happened to Paul Lynde? All these questions and more are answered (or at least broached) in this massively entertaining tribute to The Great Timewaster. Ingram's approach is at times reverential (he loves his electronic teat) but he never hesitates to dig into Hollywood's dirt in the name of a good story."
- Access magazine

"The book is well researched and insightful. Although some articles pick fun at their subjects, there is always a sense of fondness for the magic of television, warts and all. But even when the characters aren't familiar, the stories, and especially the fond recollections from people who spent their childhoods entertained by these performers, are heartwarming."
- Winston Salem Journal


Television's Untold Tales

The reviews are in!

"Damn fine... Ingram has packaged the best of TVparty.com into a book and CD-ROM combo, with features like "Why Were There Two Darrins on Bewitched?" and "Good Times: They Weren't!" as well as cool audio and video relics like Quisp cereal commercials and local TV kids shows of the '50s and '60s. Good stuff!"
- Kimberly Potts, E! Online

"Even if you didn't grow up on these series, the book is a revelation - filled with esoteric memories and rare photos, and all sorts of proof of how much TV shows (and commercials) of the 1950s & 60s warped our minds (in good way). Winky Dink, Shrimpenstein, Bob McAllister, "Hank", Jot, The Hathaways - If these names mean anything to you, run out and get this book immediately! This isn't just the website in book form. It's a great read and is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
- Jerry Beck, Cartoon Research

"For the Literate Couch Potato... it was worth killing all those trees. TVparty! is a wide-ranging treat, based on Billy Ingram's fabulously indispensable Web site of the same name that's a living repository for dead TV. Is this tube-glued heaven or what? The book faithfully mimics the jam- packed Web site, but in nostalgic black- and-white, offering photos, video frame- grabs, vintage ads and tons o' tidbits at every turn of its 304 pages. The book's back-cover CD-ROM plays dozens of clips, everything from Mohammed Ali on Wonderama to the Indian- head test pattern. Old promos feature The Green Hornet, Star Trek and Irene 'Granny' Ryan (out of costume!), while vintage commercials hawk Quisp cereal and cold cream tested with radioactive makeup. They'll win you over even if you don't remember My Mother the Car, or Tallulah Bankhead, or 'I've fallen and I can't get up!' or..."
- Diane Wertz, Newsday

"A nostalgic, humorous look at television... full of interesting stories I'd never heard before. Ingram's light, pleasant touch as a writer is mostly appreciated throughout, my favorite example being his opening a Tallulah Bankhead article with 'If you've ever been in the presence of a flamboyant, bitter drag queen, you're looking at Tallulah Bankhead's residual energy on this planet.' This book is a great deal of fun, and I recommend it. As a reading experience, TVparty is approximately (and appropriately) like zapping your way up and down the cable box, glancing only briefly at things of mild interest to you and lingering longer on items you enjoy."
- Ben Varkentine, Ink 19

"Like a box of bedside bonbons, TVParty! is too rich for gobbling at one sitting. A bonus CD-ROM offers children's shows and toy commercials, and rare celebrity outtakes, including one from the imperious, queenly Jonathan Harris, who played Dr. Smith from Lost in Space."
- Jay Blotcher, Frontiers magazine

"Jam packed with a lot of really great stuff. It's fabulous! It's full of unbelievable stories and great pictures and really good things and it's just awesome."
- WGN Radio

"Here to whet gluttonous appetites of all pop culture enthusiasts, TVparty! is like eavesdropping on the most happening party in town. How was Alfalfa really murdered? Who killed TV's Superman. Just how good were the Good Times? Scandals. Mysteries. Gossip. Everyone from Bette to Burnett has been invited, and the dirt flies. A bonus CD-Rom treats us to A Very Bette Christmas and classic commercials like Quisp vs Quake. A deliciously wicked celebration of the box and the surrogate families that have lured us."
- Genre Magazine

"I had heard of the web site that has been up and running since the mid-1990s, and had even seen it referenced in other media, but this is the first time that Billy Ingram has taken his web resources and put them into print. In this age of logo-cluttered screens, news tickers, constant commercials and a fascination with reality television, it was very refreshing to read about other times in our television history.

"TVparty! is a must-read for anyone in Generation X, the Baby Boomers, or anybody who loves television. Television's untold tales are presented in a witty and entertaining manner in Billy Ingram's TVparty! from Bonus Books. I loved it, and I'm sure you will too!"
- Michael Bird, WTBF FM 94.7



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