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wally wood letters
#10 July 1978

I sent Wood a Western Crime Busters
comic book from 1948, I was curious about this very early effort.

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Dear John;

Dammit, you've got to stop spoiling me . .
Those Mads must cost quite a bit now.
And I guess the Western is the one you
were telling me about . .
You know, I did that in my first year
in the business . .1948 or 49 . .
It was for a pulp magazine,
and was printed later as a comic book. .
I didn't draw this one,
just inked it, but I did complete
art on a couple of the other
characters in the book,
Wilma West and Six Gun Smith.

Jeez, I wish this stuff
wouldn't keep popping up . .
it's embarrassing!. . . . . .
In the middle of my big mailing
on the WK so I will cut it short for now.
Thanks again.



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