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Wally Wood artwally wood letters
#11 September 5, 1978

The 'S&S" stuff Wally Wood mentions here appeared in a Marvel comic called Tower of Shadows, one of those stories (shown) is based somewhat on his Wizard King concept.

I wrote to Wood because I noticed that when Marvel reprinted these stories, they eliminated the credits on some of them, even when the credits were graphically integrated into the splashpage.

My letter to Wood was difficult for him to read I guess, I had just broken my arm in an accident and had a lot of trouble writing with the cast on.

Dear John;

Is this right? Your printing wasn't too clear. .
Sorry to hear about your accident. Thanks for the favorable review on the S&S stuff for Marvel.
I think Stan hated it.
I hadn't noticed my penchant for putting military stuff in, but come to think of it, I guess you're right. Just got Sally #4 in, but will wait for your reply to make sure it gets there. And thanks for your concern about
working too hard. I'll have to for a while until I get this thing off the ground, but once I have a book or two in the works I'll try to take it easier.



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Wally Wood


Illustrations © Marvel Comics and Wally Wood
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