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wally wood letters
#13 - December 5, 1978

I guess I asked Wood if he consciously
made his women taller than his men.
(I don't remember what FEBOC referred to.)

Dear John;

Yeah, I meant to write to you and ask what "FEBOC"
was, too. I guess it must have been 'feeble',
don't you think? Brenda (Mrs. Jack Robinson)
typed them up and they were set in type by
Frank Parsons, and I don't know where the
originals went, so I guess we'll never know. .
Okay, I'll try to remember to do a little
drawing in your copy of WK . .

Whaddya mean about tall people? How can you tell?
Do you know, my GIRLS are all 6 footers, and
everybody else is proportional . . So do me
something. Grepps no kapootie,



wally wood
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TVparty is Classic TV on the internet!

Sally Forth © 1980 Wally Wood