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unearthly"wally wood letters
#14 April 24, 1979

Wally wood comic artI was taking art classes in college at this time, and mentioned it to Wood.

He was interested in seeing my work, so I did a little watercolor for him - actually an Alex Toth swipe to be honest with you, maybe that's why he liked it so much.

The character shown here is Wood's great 'Earthman' from Harvey's Unearthly Spectaculars.

Dear John;
Thanks for the watercolor . . it's hanging
on the wall of my studio now. Actually, I started
working for Harvey and Tower at about the same time
I was supposed to do 2 complete books, UNEARTHLY
and WARFRONT . . I did them, but they decided
to turn them into 25 cent 'giants' and buried my
stuff in the back of the books. That, plus a few more
high-handed (and stupid) decisions on their part
made me go to Tower . . About the Spirit stories,
that's a good idea. But I don't know how . . All I
have is one beat up copy of each . . in color.

Keep in touch,


wally wood
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