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Wally wood strange worldswally wood letters
Wally Wood comics#2 September 19, 1976

I felt sad that Wally Wood didn't own examples of his his old work, so over the next few months I sent him copies of Mad 6-23, a few at a time. I picked up copies of Strange Worlds number 4 and 5 from 1952 and sent these as well. I felt like I was giving something back to the man.

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Dear John;

No, I didn't have those books - - THANK YOU!!
You shouldn't have - - I hope you didn't spend too much money. I'll look around and see if there is something I can send in return . . Do you have all the Witzends? I have some doubles of the first four issues left... Let me know.

Thank you for the kind words . . it really means a lot to me,
and especially now that I'm through with comic books. Thirty years! I started in 1948. And you're right, I wasn't concerned with originals, or even keeping copies of my stuff when I started. I'm sure the originals on that stuff don't exist any more. They were either destroyed or left
to rot in some warehouse . . anything but give them back to the artist!

Keep in touch,

Wally Wood

wally wood
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