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wally wood photo animan Wally Wood comic
Wood age 25 / Animan from Witzend #2

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wally wood letters
#3 May, 1977

Dear John;

Don't worry about my quitting comics... if all goes well I'll be doing some stories for Heavy Metal.

When I last looked, I did have Capt. Science #1,
Fu Manchu, Earthman on Venus. . . I don't have any of the EC's, though (I tore my stories out and threw the rest away, fool that I was!)

Please accept this page. . . it's not much, but I don't have a hell of a lot of originals left . . .

Who is Anti-Man? Did you mean Animan? Or did you just invent a new comic book character? Anyway, I like it. With your permission, I'll use it one of these days. .

Keep in touch, best,

Wally Wood

The page of original art that Wood sent was one that Rick Estrada penciled and Wood inked from All-Star number 59, page 19, but to be honest with you, it wasn't very good.

wally wood
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Wally Wood letter



Wally wood art

Animan © 1968 Wally Wood, Captain Science © 1950 Youthful Magazines


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