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wally wood letters
#4 July, 1977

Wally Wood art

Bucky Ruckus was a strip that ran at Christmastime in 1967, and I asked Wood if he had the originals and if they were for sale.

I also sent a few more of the Mad comic books that I had doubles of.

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Dear John;

Got your care package of comics the other day. Thanks, but you must have spent a bundle on them! You really shouldn't have. But I didn't have any of them, so they're very welcome, and I'll have to think of a way to think of some way to repay you.

By the way, my first wife has all the Bucky Ruckus originals, and she won't part with them, I asked her once, months ago . .

I still don't know whether I'll be working for Heavy Metal - - it depends on whether they meet my terms. But I'll be in there in any case. I did a whole book on the Wizard King for France, and they've bought the rights to it.

I've been busy on some advertising work, but I'm not through with comics just yet. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!

Hey! I just turned up a copy of Fu Manchu - - Please accept it with my gratitude.


Wally Wood

Wally Wood characterWally Wood
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