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TV shows on DVD
Every month we'll update you on the
latest classic TV programs being released.

Lovers of classic TV series, you're in luck. The studios are releasing entire seasons of your fave shows on DVD - and doing it at a frantic rate.

How can you keep up with what's new? Afraid you're going to miss your favorite show when it FINALLY becomes available?

We'll wade through the rest to bring you the best each month!

(Click on the titles to order - for huge discounts and free shipping!)

The Andy Griffith Show - Season 1
AT LAST - (the release date was pushed back to November 16th) - t
he long-awaited full season treatment of this classic show, as opposed to the shoddy previous releases. No one has sent me a copy of this new DVD set, so your guess is as good as mine as to the quality...

The Looney Tunes Golden Collection - Volume 2
The best of the best cartoons ever made - the ones you grew up watching on Saturday mornings. Entertainment that really is for the whole family. You could knock off so many people on your gift list just by getting a few of these!

Bob Hope - The Vietnam Years
Wander back in time - starting with the 1964 Hope Christmas special and every year through 1972 is included on this set. It's all here - the monologues (with jokes with Alpo, Liberace and Don Rickles in the punchline), the guest stars (that include Jerry Cologna, Phyllis Diller, Anita Bryant, Joey Heatherton, Jill St. John, Redd Foxx and Lola Falana) and an endless parade of prick teasing sex symbols like The Golddiggers, Miss World and all of the other beauty queens.
If you're a fan of Hope and his specials, then you'll want to own this reasonably priced collection - a time capsule from the last time the USA was engaged in a war with no (seeming) end.

Star TrekStar Trek - Season 2
Many of the best episodes of the series are here on this cool DVD collection.

The Commish
Seminal crime show from the early-1990's hits DVD for the first time thanks to your requests. Season one on 6 discs.

Doctor Who
The Patrick Troughton Years
The William Hartnell Years
I don't know enough about this long-running British Sci-fi series to say anything intelligent.

Three's Company - Season 3
23 episodes from the 1978-79 season including The Ropers pilot. Also: the never-before-seen second pilot (made before Suzanne Somers was cast), audio commentaries, a new tribute to John Ritter, bloopers and other stuff.

Classic TV on DVDToo Close for Comfort - Season 1
This is the network version of the long-running syndicated show starring Ted Knight (Mary Tyler Moore Show), Nancy Dussault, Deborah Van Valkenburgh, Lydia Cornell, J.M. J. Bullock, and Audrey Meadows.

You Are There
This is the 1950's version of the series with Walter Cronkite as host. Individual titles include: America Grows Up, The American Revolution Prepares, The Outlaws, Tragedy and Promise, Washington Crosses The Delaware, Ancient Greece, Dramatic Flights, Jefferson Makes A Difference and others, one per DVD.

Transformers - Season 1

This hit 1980's animated series (based on a toy line) comes to DVD in a collector's edition that includes: All 16 episodes digitally remastered from original 35mm negative - PLUS special features including: Animation outtakes and anomalies, Japanese Transformers show opening, Animation tests and slate, Bumpers, script from Episode 4, highlights from the 2001 Transformers Convention and 2 limited-edition cels. Wow! You are going to freak someone out (like your husband) by giving them this for Christmas, right? Then get My Little Pony for yourself!

My Little Pony - Season 1
This could be a hot seller this Christmas - don't miss the opportunity to own it. One of the most popular cartoons of the eighties. Your kids might like it...

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - Complete Series
5 no-frills discs cover the entire run of the camp 1980s sci-fi series that ran for two seasons.

Combat! - Season 2
A lot of people enjoyed this series - it was a great weekly 1960's WWII drama. Episodes from year two include: Barrage, Thunder from the Hill, The Pillbox, Gideon's Army, The General and the Sergeant, The Hostages, A Silent Cry, The Eyes of the Hunter, Counter-Punch, Mail Call, The Hunter, Weep No More, The Short Day of Private Putnam, Rescue, Command, The Glory Among Men.

Re-Gift Set - Seasons 1-3

Here it is - the first three seasons of Seinfeld, sold together or separately - with some amazing extras. Featuring the remastered network versions of each episode * Two versions of the pilot episode * Interviews with the cast and creators * Deleted scenes, never-before-seen-outtakes and bloopers * Original NBC promotional ads and trailers * How It Began: An hour-long look at w Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David * "Monk's Diner" salt & pepper shakers * Collectible playing cards - and a lot more!
This is that gift idea you've been looking for!

Lost in Space - Season 2, vol. 2
Not the best episodes. Get the first two sets, skip this one unless you're a completist. A promised extra - rare 1966 interviews with original cast members June Lockhart, Guy Williams, and Jonathan Harris - may make it worth purchasing but I haven't seen it.


Joey Bishop Show - Season 2
FROM THE PUBLISHER: The comic genius behind the legendary Rat Pack, and co-star of the original "Ocean's Eleven," stars in this sparkling sitcom available for the first time on DVD in this exclusive collection authorized by Bishop. The Joey Bishop Show ran from 1961-65. The second season marked a new beginning for the series, with new cast members, new characters, and a new premise. Contains 34 complete episodes, each in "living color," along with vintage archival extras, including the series pilot. Recommended by TVparty!

Make Room For Daddy - Season 5
Contains the pilot episode for The Andy Griffith Show! Over 13 hours on 6 discs that take you back to a simpler time. This season starts with Danny's move to CBS and courting a new wife - and features the marvelous Amanda Randolph (Sapphire's Mama on Amos 'n Andy). Extras include a rare performance from the Jerry Lewis / Dean Martin telethon.
Along with the Bishop Show DVD set, Questar is becoming the company to watch for tremendous DVD releases. I like the way they present these classic sitcoms in affordable, sensible collections. Add this to your DVD library!

The Amos 'n' Andy Show Box Set
Almost all the episodes in the series in one package - one of the funniest comedies of all time! (Get it while you can, I suspect it will be withdrawn from the market before long.) Not restored.

New Zoo Revue
Looking for the perfect gift for a family with young kids? This is it! It's the show you grew up with - Henrietta Hippo, Charley Owl, Freddie the Frog teaching kids core values in a most fun way. This 6 DVD set contains 59 episodes - a great value and a fine looking package for a seminal children's series. If you've never seen the show (which began airing in 1971) take my word for it, this is a terrific set for young and old alike - a rare high-quality program that entertains and educates.

The Munsters - Season 1
Wow - all 38 episodes from the '64-65 season plus the unseen pilot! This is a collection you'll want to keep - truly classic television. I thoroughly enjoyed watching all of these hilarious episodes again - and to see them with such clarity is a revelation. The color pilot is a real hoot with a re-cast Eddie and Lily Munster! Give this one as a gift if you want to impress someone this holiday season. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Night Gallery - Complete 1st Season
This is a fantastic collection of suspense stories, the first season was the best for Night Gallery. This represents some of Rod Serling's best but least-seen work - don't miss Joan Crawford in one of Steven Spielberg's first efforts. All shot in that glorious, 1970's Universal Television style, with the biggest dramatic TV stars of the era. Very entertaining!

I kinda liked this show. 22 episodes on three discs.

ABC Afterschool Specials
Less than ten dollars if you order here!
Fabulous packaging - a long awaited release with more volumes on the way. You requested it!
Volume #1: 1974 -'76
Pssst! Hammerman's After You (a.k.a. "The 18th Emergency") - Originally aired 01/16/74, and stars Christian Juttner, Lance Kerwin, and Jim Sage.
Sara's Summer of the Swans - Originally aired in 1974. Stars Heather Totten, Chris Knight and Eve Plumb.
The Skating Rink - Originally aired 02/05/75, stars Stewart Petersen, Rance Howard, and Devon Ericson.
Dear Lovey Hart: I Am Desperate - Originally aired 05/19/76. Stars Susan Lawrence, and Meegan King.

Volume #2: 1976 - '77
Francesca's Baby - Originally aired 10/06/76, stars Carol Jones, and Melendy Britt.
Beat The Turtle Dream - Originally aired 06/06/77, and stars Melissa Sue Anderson, and William H. Bassett. Emmy Award Winner.
The Pinballs - Originally aired 10/26/77. Stars Kristy McNichol, Johnny Doran, and Sparky Marcus.
Trouble River - Originally aired 11/12/77. Stars Michael LeClair, and Nora Denney.


Northern Exposure
This quirky CBS dramedy from the nineties has a lot of fans and no wonder - it was one of the best written and performed programs of the decade. It was also the rare series that was filmed on location somewhere other than LA, NYC or Canada. Season two (the first season was a short summer run) has been released in time for the holidays, so if you have a Northern Exposure fan in the family, here you go. Episodes are uncut, digitally remastered with unexposed footage outtakes. I missed out on seeing Northern Exposure when it originally aired, watching it for the first time this year was a real treat. Nice!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Volume 6)
Joel, Mike, and their robot friends make snarky comments while watching the worst films of all time in this long running series that enthralled kids and teens in the eighties and nineties. This 6th edition features Attack of the Giant Leeches, Gunslinger, Teenagers From Outer Space and a bunch of hilarious training films from the fifties and sixties. This is the stuff you put on late at night for friends; Teenagers From Outer Space is especially funny - even without the commentary.


Bob Hope Show - Hope For The Holidays
The best of the Bob Hope Christmas Specials; actually an NBC special from the nineties - with outtakes and full versions of the classic holiday songs. Guests include John Wayne, Redd Foxx, Jack Benny and dozens of others. Share this with the whole family over the holidays. Hope for the Holidays is a pleasant reminder of those great Hope specials we all grew up on - and sorely miss. This is a slick and impressive package, a high quality production that you'll enjoy year after year.

DVD collections
(September & August 2004)
Just click on the title to order now!


Are You Being Served: Complete Collection
The entire 10 year run on 14 discs. All of those episodes might be overkill, but this was a very funny series and worth having to enjoy when you want over the years.

Are You Being Served Again: Complete Series
Did you know there was a revival series? I haven't seen it, but it sounds interesting. Might be worth $30.00.

Columbo - The Complete First Season
Also included are two original Columbo movies 'Prescription: Murder' (1968) and 'Ransom for a Dead Man' (1971) that preceded the series. One of those great Universal series from the seventies, the first episode was directed by a then unknown Steven Spielberg.


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