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wally wood letters
#6 April, 1978

Wally Wood artI asked Wally Wood if he had the original art for the cover to All-Star comics number 64.

It was a cover he both penciled and inked, a rarity in the seventies, and it contained a great fight scene with DC's 'golden age' heroes, including Superman.

The page he sent was a nice piece that he penciled and inked, page 3 of All-Star number 64.


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Dear John;

Wow! Two more Mads in the mail . . I don't know how to thank you, and you better quit this. It must be costing you a fortune . . I'm sorry, but I don't have the All-Star cover . . I had two of them and gave them away last summer.

Just looked through my originals and dug out an All-Star page with Superman on it - - please accept it with my compliments.

I didn't get to the con either, although I wanted to - -
wish I had at least gotten flyers out. Oh well, there'll be other cons . . Might as well try and get caught up with the orders I have . . (450 so far, and I'm over 200 behind on the drawings). And the next thing I've got to do is move . .

Bought a house in New Haven, and sometime next month I have to start packing. Keep in touch.



Wally Wood
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Wally Wood letter


Wally Wood


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